Greeting from STUDIO4D

Hi everyone,
Are you enjoying dancing? and Have you already danced our new dance "WAVE"? We hope you all enjoy "WAVE".
Here is a message from Live Gears-CEO of STUDIO4D-.

To all of those who continuously support STUDIO4D, this is Live Gears, the C.E.O. of STUDIO4D and I apologize that this is gonna be a one-way statement from me.

I'd like to make this statement about STUDIO4D on this blog to our customers, club owners, and dancers. Just because I can't talk to all of you individually at the same time.

I named my company STUDIO4D as a means to adding a dream to the 3-dimentional world.

We are still a small animation company which rose up from where we had neither experiences nor technics two years ago. Our days to learn technics that can be approved by the world are still going on. And we still have a lot to lean to do so.

However people who have supported us as an amateur animators are all of you in this world. In addition I think the enthusiastic creators from all around the world have encouraged us a lot as well.

The reason why STUDIO4D chose dance animations was our thought to let people feel it without boundaries. It's a touching that you can feel through our dances.

What we can devote to people who dance our animations at world wide clubs is to be a Dance Store that gives them more pride as a dancer or a clubber.

Any suggestions are appreciated, so please feel free to contact us. I'd like to thank all of you who love dances for your continuous support.



Everybody Enjoy Dancing?

We brushed it up with our state of art technology
to express move of your body like a wave.

That's our brand new line "4D WAVE".

Now on sale at our store and you'll be into it.