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Dance➍Life gets the Brand New Look

Hi everyone, Enjoy Dancing? it's Tomb.

On January 9th, 2010, Dance➍Life, one of the SL's most famous and kickass clubs held the 2nd Opening Party. Entire the club has totally been remodeled, but it has still kept the original "NYC-Roof-Top" style.

What I bring to you is a couple of pictures taken at the party to show you some of its new features. And besides, I had a glad occasion to have some comments about the club from the owner of Dance➍Life, Gauge Carter. Thank you Gauge, I really appreciate your comments.

Tomb Snook: How long have you been running the club?
Gauge Carter: Since March of 2009.

Tomb Snook: What kind of Dance Music is played at the club?
Gauge Carter: House/Electro/Dance/Hip Hop/Latin/Tribal/Techno/Club.

Tomb Snook: How many DJs are belonging to the club? Where they're from?
Gauge Carter: 50+ All around the globe!

Tomb Snook: Tell us the most striking feature of the club.
Gauge Carter: The incredible rooftop view of the New York City skyline.

Tomb Snook: How does D4L support issues of HIV/AIDS?
Gauge Carter: Dance➍Life Club and Lounge, NYC raises awareness in SL about HIV/AIDs issues in real life by spreading the message of how today's youth are being infected with this deadly disease. We throw large charity events, have permanent donations boxes in the club and place donation boxes at any organization on the grid that partners with us to help support the RL cause. We give 100% of all donations to the RL Dance4Life charity organization. Their website can be found here:

Tomb Snook: If the club has official web site or blog, please tell us the URL.
Gauge Carter:

Let us have a closer look at the club now. It shouldn't be a surprise if you see DJs and Hosts dancing on DJ Tables at many clubs. But I strongly believe it begun at Dance➍Life. Even if not, Dance➍Life is aggressive enough to be thought so.

This is the new DJ Booth from behind.

Now Dance➍Life has got an another dance floor just beneath the main floor.

Visit to Dance➍Life Club & Lounge
Also, visit to STUDIO4D to get some wicked dance anims.

C Yas!

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