Greeting from STUDIO4D

This is Live Gears of STUDIO 4D.
Are you enjoying dancing?

Our latest release URBAN THE FINAL marks the end of a series.
Have you seen its unique dance moves yet?

We announced this release during a time when I was really wondering if there's any worth continuing this project, especially as SL has been overflowing with dances recently.

Some might think it strange to hear these words, but I think it's an extraordinary and exciting experience to pour one's heart and soul into making animations one by one.

There's something in it that can't be explained reasonably. Maybe this is something that all good dances have.

This latest release lets you rediscover that 4D heart that can't be explained with words. This is what we hope to give to offer all of you in this virtual world that's filled with all sorts of dances.

I'd like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for this year 2010. I hope you all enjoy the final days of the year.

Best regards,


Dear dance lovers,

We'd like to thank you for another great year.
We've prepared for you a dance to end the year with!

Feel the refined dance moves of...

Keep on dancing it!
URBAN with even more intensity!
Our final release of the year.

And don't forget to get xmas gift on STUDIO4D!

Looking for bloggers

Hello all dance lovers!
Have you tried out our latest dances?
These dances were born out of our adventurous spirit.
We hope you enjoy dancing them whatever your SL lifestyle is.

STUDIO4D is currently looking for bloggers.
Do you like STUDIO4D? Do you always dance STUDIO4D?
Why don't you introduce in your own blog the way you like STUDIO4D?
You can also let us know your thoughts, opinions, requests, etc on our dances by posting them on your blog.
We are waiting for your application!

Application guidelines
- Who can apply: individual avatars
- Requirements:
> Must love dancing
> Currently updates blog at least once a week
> Can introduce new releases on their blog within a week of release
> Can speak English or Japanese (correspondence with STUDIO4D will be in English)
- Payment: you will receive new dance releases for free
- Number of openings: around 10
- Contract: 6 months renewable
- All nationalities/blog languages are welcome

How to apply:
1. Create a notecard with the following information:
> Your name
> Your blog URL (can be more than 1)
> Nationality
> Language used in your blog
> Your thoughts about dancing in general
2. Save the notecard with the name "STUDIO4D blogger-[your name]" e.g. STUDIO4D blogger-peco Whiteberry
3. Send the notecard to peco Whiteberry. We will send you a confirmation IM once we receive your notecard. If you do not receive an IM within 24 hours, please send it again as it may have encountered issues during sending.

Deadline: December 20, 2010 (subject to change)
Criteria for selection: Based on screening results
You will be contacted by STUDIO4D staff if you are selected as a blogger. We will also give you our latest release "URBAN THE FINAL".

- Your blog must already be existing. It can be either individual or group-shared. You can also use your shop's blog, but STUDIO4D will not become a sponsor of your shop.
- Your posts can be anything about STUDIO4D dances. When there is a new release, please post your comments about it within a week of its release.
- For other posts not related to new releases, you can post as many as you want at any time.
- You must join the group for STUDIO4D bloggers. New releases and other announcements will be sent to the group. You can also use the group to exchange information on dances in general.


Hello 4D Fans. Announcing our final release this year..
This is the dance for the Christmas season:


Light up your dance scenes with the refined, metropolitan dances contained in URBAN.We are now working hard to make a high quality, high precision dance that will be a fitting end to the series.

Watch out for it!

New Release Free Style

So how would you like to do this dance?
As yourself? As a kid? As a neko? As a furry?
Or perhaps...
(sorry, this is not for tiny)

Find the coolest style you have to do this dance with!

This is the first in our wave of new releases.
Turn dance mode on with "Free Style"!

"Free Style" is now on sale along with the distinctive 4D AO.
Come and get it!

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