Greeting from STUDIO4D

This is Live Gears of STUDIO 4D.
Are you enjoying dancing?

Our latest release URBAN THE FINAL marks the end of a series.
Have you seen its unique dance moves yet?

We announced this release during a time when I was really wondering if there's any worth continuing this project, especially as SL has been overflowing with dances recently.

Some might think it strange to hear these words, but I think it's an extraordinary and exciting experience to pour one's heart and soul into making animations one by one.

There's something in it that can't be explained reasonably. Maybe this is something that all good dances have.

This latest release lets you rediscover that 4D heart that can't be explained with words. This is what we hope to give to offer all of you in this virtual world that's filled with all sorts of dances.

I'd like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for this year 2010. I hope you all enjoy the final days of the year.

Best regards,