Greetings! Are you enjoying your Dance life in SL?
This is Live Gears from STUDIO 4D.
I really appreciate your kindness and interest to our shop.

We feel satisfied that people in Second life enjoys in-world life through dancing.
However, I would like to explain more about how we create our products with our heart
for more understanding and to deliver an enjoyable experience through our store.

As you might already know, the meaning of "STUDIO 4D"
has been written in the past articles.

Today, I'd like to tell my story how this store came together.
The impression when I first meet Second Life is still unforgettable.
I still appreciate Linden for creating such a wonderful place.
As everybody is challenging to enjoy one's life every day,
4D has been experiencing sequence of challenges.

Everything started when a thought came to my mind a year ago.
"How wonderful will it be if I can create these wonderful dance animations,
and move people's mind with joy as I do with playing these dances already exists?"

However, it was a hard road until we, team of 4D,
could figure out how to make things happen.
The process of creating products had tons of problems to solve,
but I could not let go my dream to offer more dances in this world.

4D started from almost nothing. Therefore, we started from small steps.
Although we failed a lot, it was fortunate to have more people starting to cooperate,
but most of all, our customers were the biggest help :)

Currently, we are holding test dancers in our company to
gain more suggestions to the dances,
and successfully being able to sell them to our customers.

Our products in the beginning were not well;
however, we are feeling gratitude for having more customers being interested in our products today.

We wish to become a store people ask, "where's that dance from?".

Our goal is to deliver dreams and inspirations to you in SL.
Let's enjoy dancing folks!!

STUDIO 4D Live Grears