Beach walk cafe

Hi, I'm Peco. Are you enjoying dancing in SL?

There are a lot of places where you can dance in SL. Where is your favorite place to dance? AT a Club? Sounds splendid! I'll show you a one of the places which is truly special.

Have you ever been to BWC SIM? They have 2SIMs. BWC was inspired by Hawaii so BWC has wonderful forest and ocean . These SIMs are so beautiful which they have a lot of spots to just relax and kick back.

BWC owners loves dancing. They are always enjoying dancing while listening to music. There are many spots for dancing in these SIMs. All spots have STUDIO4D's dance panel!

Also, you can enjoy the live radio show almost everyday .
Owners are having a show from 5am(slt) somewhere in their SIMs.
You can enjoy all genre of music selected the by owners.
Visit and enjoy the music, dance, and a live talk show. You can absolutely have great time!

There are 30dances in 4D's dance panels. The owner had suggested us some dances that they would like to put in the panels so we have selected the dances for them. We hope you would be delighted with it.

You want to dance? Why don't you visit to BWC SIMs and find out the dance spots? Friendly owners are waiting for you.

You need more dances? Come on visit to STUDIO4D! We are waiting for you:))