4D + ZAIN Summer Festival

Hi everyone! It's me, peco.
Are you enjoying the latest 4D dance, "THE STREET 4"? Can you feel the soul?

From dynamic dances to cool moves, everything in it is full of 4D spirit.
Dance it, feel it, enjoy it!

We hope you can enjoy your virtual life to the fullest through our dances. Which is why STUDIO4D in cooperation CLUB ZAIN is proud to bring you a grand musical event...

■STUDIO4D+ZAIN Rave 2010 Summer Electronic Festival■

Date: June 25, 26, 27 (3 days)
June 25 (Fri) 3AM to June 27 (Sun) 8PM

Location: CLUB ZAIN

2 SIMs. 2 stages. 65 hours of DJ music. 59 DJs of various genres from all over the world come together to bring you their unique sounds and styles.

And it's not just the music. Our very own STUDIO4D dancers, along with the CLUB ZAIN dancers, will be on stage to showcase some great dancing. Unlike a preset dance machine, our dancers will be using a HUD in realtime, allowing them to match their dance perfectly with the music.

From the countless dances in their list, our dancers will choose the moves that connect to the music at any moment. Join us at Stage 1 and experience for yourself the unique sensation of SL dancing.

There will also be dance machines filled with the very best 4D dances, including our latest release, "THE STREET 4". Dance your heart out and feel the STUDIO4D spirit!

We expect the SIMs to experience lag during the event. To minimize the lag and ensure that everyone can enjoy the great DJ music and dancing, only staff will be able to use scripts at the event. We also ask you to reduce your avatar's rendering cost. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Stay tuned to this blog for the DJ and dancer schedule. See you soon!

>>>about CLUB ZAIN
Club Zain is a new dance club with an original and creative concept. All the facilities are built on top of a shallow sea, providing a beautiful scene that can enliven your senses or comfort your heart. Their DJs play all kinds of sophisticated music for everyone to enjoy. At Club Zain, you can enjoy your own dances or you can get up on stage and join their dancers in formation dancing. All music and dance lovers will surely have a good time with CLUB ZAIN.