Hello! It's me, peco. How's your dancing?

There has been a lot of excitement at STUDIO4D recently, starting from the release of THE STREET 4, to the 65-hour non-stop event we held at the end of June. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Even after the long event, we've had almost no time to catch our breaths, as we now bring you news of our new release! The series is called "REMASTERED". As the name implies, this release is a STUDIO4D dance revival that takes a look back at our origins.

We have received a lot of requests to re-release some dances that were produced during our early days. To answer your expectations, we've taken our dances that have been shelved or become out-of-print but remain popular, and made them into a new series.

This release is not an update but a new product that looks back at every one of our dances. If you are a long-time fan, "REMASTERED" will give you a nostalgia trip. If you have known us just recently, it will give you an opportunity to see the origins of 4D.

I still remember fondly the first time I went down to the STUDIO4D shop, and the excitement of dancing my heart out to some moves never seen before in SL.

"REMASTERED" is currently under construction. Watch out for more updates soon!