It's here at last.
Today is the grand opening of the STUDIO4D SIM.

Our dances are laid out all over one SIM, with new dances in front of the TP point, and dances from every genre placed along both sides.
Placed all throughout the SIM are teleporters (shown above) that allow you to move anywhere within the SIM.

The vendors are designed like fuel tanks. You can buy a dance by touching the two pipes on the tank. They are tanks full of power. Dance and replenish your power from them.

We have placed an opening gift at the TP point. It is a STUDIO4D member's card that shows your profile pic when worn. Please go ahead and take one.

With the opening of this SIM, our shop in OEDO SIM has closed down. Thank you for your support all this time.
We will strive to keep STUDIO4D going strong as we start afresh at this new place. We look forward to seeing you here.